New review – Bonus Bagging. Risk free money.

 Must get at least 1 email a day offering ‘free money’ but using this service has been about as close as you can get to getting it.   The concept is nothing new in that it uses bookmakers offers to new customers to gain ‘free bets’ – ie bookmaker offers to match your opening deposit up to £25 after your £25 opening bet is settled.  You ‘lay’ your selection with the bookmakers @ Betfair and you would normally come out with a very small loss .

This leaves you with the free bet at the bookmakers of £25 so you do the same again – if you win at the bookies with the free bet you withdraw your profit or if the lay bet wins @ betfair you do the same there.

This sounds easy enough to do but to be honest it can be a lot of work, making sure the terms and conditions of the bets allow you to withdraw winnings straightaway etc, getting the right selections so you only lose a very small amount on the qualifying and Mike, the operator of the service, does all this leg work for you for just £27 as a one off payment.

I’ve been using the service since last weekend and Mike has been great at responding to emails. As soon as you’ve cashed out from your current bookmaker you just email him and he sends you the next offer. He obviously is affiliated to the bookmakers you’re signing up with which is why his charge for the service is so low – doesnt bother me though because i’ve already made back 3 times what i paid to join.

Once you’ve got the accounts set up you will start to receive regular offers and promotions and Mike will vet these and send the best through to you so its an ongoing income. Details of his £200 to £12,000 blog using these ongoing offers can be found here

Doesnt matter if, like me, you’ve already got a few bookmakers accounts set up already because ike uses over 40 bookmakers.

I saw this reviewed elsewhere but wasnt convinceed you could make a worthwhile amount doing it but when you consider that some of these online bookmakers will match your opening bets up to £50 its obvious you can. Some sites will allow you and your partner to open accounts so you take advantage even more.

Can confidently highly recommend this as there is no risk and the potential for a nice little ongoing income for not doing a lot.

Details here

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