2 winners for Forex Morning Trade & Turbo Morning Trade

Nice,straightforward day for both versions of Forex Morning Trade today – 2 winners for another 80 pips overall. Just to say that you dont have to rely on the EA to trade this for you – you can get up & look at the charts from 6.15am and i know some traders on the thread below do this because they decide wether to trade or not depending on how the charts look.

Personally dont see an advantage in this because the results recorded here & on the official FMT site have been achieved using the EA & i think its swings and roundabouts. You might be right today & wrong tomorrow – its a system let it trade the way it is without inteferring.

More details here

Interesting thread on the EA here

Standard Forex Morning Trade Profit +334 pips Since 28th October
Turbo Forex Morning Trade Profit +171 pips Since 10th December

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