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Havent been trading with Black Dog Forex since last Monday having been distracted with other things but got back down to business today. Black Dog Forex I suppose is the ‘bread & butter’ of my trading as i use it every day on the 15 min charts and i’m hoping that along with Winning Dow Signals 9pm and Sunday Night Trades plus Sane FX on the longer term 1 day charts i’ve got most of the portfolio together that i was looking for when i started the blog over 2 years ago.

Still looking at Forex Morning Trade as well – gone through a dip since Christmas but, as it doesnt require any time input from me, its really just a case of giving a long enough run to see if it will be profitable long term.

Anyway today got off to a really good start with 2 winners on the gbp/usd of 20 pips each.  Had a choice at 11am because 2 signals came on that candle – went with the eur/usd trade because the price didnt look too ‘stretched’ away from the 50’s channel & fortunately it was a winner.  First time i’ve got one of them right for a long time. Up 60 pips at that stage and theres an argument for calling it a day then but i took 2 more – both losers and ended the day 27 pips up.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 4422 pips

16.00 -16

7.15 +20
8.45 +20

12.45 -17

11am +20

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