First trade on the 1day charts with Sane FX

Entered a trade on the eur/usd 10pm on Thursday – up around 38 pips and the target is either 400 pips or the trade will be closed when an opposing arrow appears. Stop losses vary from pair to pair but they are very rarely hit due to either a change in the colour of the TCCI indicator or a new arrow signal going in the opposite direction. I’ve attached a chart to show what i mean.

Trading on Gold with this system is recommended on the 4h chart & i back-tested this yesterday. It produced 3480 pips trading ‘signal to signal’ in 12 months but I did check with the author to make sure historical charts will show the indicators exactly as they would have appeared live and he confirmed they would be ‘pretty accurate’ but that there would have been ‘some repainting’ so maybe thats not 100% accurate.

I’ve also subscribed to the EA which is offered by a member of Sane FX (not John Campbell the author). This is $25.00 per month and covers all the pairs and Gold so seems pretty good – we’ll see if it works ok next week.

Current total
+ 37 pips

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