Trading Elite Club Day 2

Another interesting day with Trading Elite Club. Some teething problems this morning but its been decided that the video of Paul watching his charts is not needed and when that was stopped everything worked fine.

I didnt trade today due to switching of accounts but followed the days trading from 6.30 right through to 4.30 ish when it wrapped up for the day. There was a maximum claimed of about 98 pips today going down to about 20 depending on how long you were able to be in there for. That doesnt include a trade of about 50 pips which Paul missed because of trying to answer all the questions which are, understandably, being asked at the moment. Think he needs a separate chat function for questions which dont relate directly to the trading day otherwise it will become a problem.

Very impressive day again and it would get 5 stars if i had a rating system on here. He’s got no plans to do any more sales webinars at the moment because he feels he’s getting close to the maximum number he can deal with but you can still join at the link below.

Full details are here

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