Trading Elite Club

Just wanted to report back on the webinar for Trading Elite Club and I have to say I can understand why the guy at Cash Master was getting so excited about this system. Really impressive as you’d expect from someone trying to convince to you sign up for membership but you are shown the indicators applied to any chart suggested by participants of the webinar and the results on each one are impressive.

More of a service than a system as such because as a subscriber all you’re required to do is follow the buy or sell instructions Paul gives you on either the gbp/usd or eur/usd.  no system to learn or indicators to load onto your system- you just need an account you can place your trades on.

Paul did say it was his 10th webinar of the weekend and he has been overwhelmed by the response so isnt taking any more members for the time being after tonight. May well be marketing spiel but he doesnt come across as needing that so tonight may be the last chance to join although. Without seeing the webinar I suppose its a big ask to pay the £100 for the month so it could be worth asking Paul if he’s doing any more webinars.

Full details are here

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