Better news of Black Dog Forex and trading 4hr charts

Some better news re Black Dog – seems that Dave, the operator of the Black Dog community, has sorted the issues out and normal service has now resumed with it being again available for sale.

I’ve done some rough back testing on using the Black Dog system with 4hr charts. I’m using Alpari UK which is 1hr ahead so although the candle times are 8.00, 12.00, 16.00 etc the actual times of the candles are 07.00, 11.00, 15.00 etc.

The results i got were using all the Black Dog basic requirements with an entry point maximum of 100 pips away from 15 ema, 100 pip hard stop but close the trade if candle closes in the 50’s and 100 pip take profit & moving the stop to break even at +50.

Did the testing on 4 pairs going back to beginning of December last year to get full 12 months.

gbp/usd +1100 pips
eur/usd +900 pips
aud/usd +1165 pips
usd/cad +1490 pips

Now these are pretty spectacular results for just 4 pairs but we’ve also got to bear in mind that trading is very easy with hindsight and trades which look obvious when back testing may actually look less so at the time. It does show, though, that even if you were only able to trade at 7am, 7pm & 11pm (08.00, 20.00 and 0.00 candles with Alpari) or even just 1 of those times, you would be able to make a nice income with Black Dog.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3968 pips

eur/usd chart for November


Black Dog Forex Review

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