Update on LS Forex and LS Trader

Quick general update on the ‘LS’ services. LS Trader requires about 10-15 mins on a Sunday night and LS Forex requires you to place a couple of trades or amend a stop loss during the week. They’re not income generating systems as such but are designed to be medium/long term investment vehicles which you leave to compound in addition to pension funds or similar.

Had a recent email from the providers of the services summarising the performance this year. I’ve just copied and pasted the information re the actual figures below. I’m not an expert on fund performances but i’m pretty confident the results out-perform most of them albeit with a bit of work required on our part.

Only downside is that its recommended that you have a minimum bank of £3000 for LS Trader and £2000 for LS Forex to start with to cover the monthly subscriptions so its not for everyone but a very successful service if you’ve got the funds.

Free trials on both services available here LS Trader & LS Forex

LS Trader
So much so that as at the time of writing this the LS Trader system is up 66.83% year to date. Considering that the first 8 months of this year, trading conditions were as difficult as they are ever likely to be, this is no small achievement and bodes very well for the future.

LS Forex
At the time of writing, the LS Forex system is up 106.97% for the year to date. This is obviously excellent and is already above the 97.83% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) that the system has generated in backtesting over the past 28 years. This year’s trading is in line with the backtested results, having exceeded them already and we still have 5 weeks to go!

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