Some nice gains for LS Forex & 97% up for the year.

Was contacted by someone who has been with LS Forex for most of the year and he has confirmed the claims by LS Forex themselves that the system is up just over 97% for the year.

As far as we’re concerned we entered 2 new trades with week – on the usd/cad (-23 pips) and the usd/jpy (+73 pips). The other 2 trades continue to do well with the gbp/usd +214 pips and the eur/usd +567 pips.  The temptation is obviously to close a trade thats over 500 pips up but this system is based on maximising long trends which can gain up to a 1000 pips so you need to leave the trades open and just move the stops when advised.

Open Profit +831 pips
Closed Profit 0

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