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No racing day today for Master Plan due to quality of racing but received an email from John who is the operator of the service which makes interesting reading. I think its worth putting on here as it puts some perspective on the service that they’re offering – its not a system which is going to provide an income in the short term unless you’ve got a lot of money to invest in first place but with compounding your bank will grow relatively quickly to the point where you are able to draw out regularly without affecting the growth too much.

£1   10 day  trial available here

Bank £381.42

I have attached our weekly spreadsheet for you. As you can see in a very poor week for racing and betting activity, effectively 4 days (one day with no systems and one day with just one system) I still managed to grow the bot’s bank by 20% plus.

When you look at these results, please remember they are a direct report from inside my betting bot and the growth represents the optimum safe growth I believe we can go for day to day as reported at the end of each day to our members. In other words, it represents what I actually did.

I’m finding a lot of trial joiners do not go through to full membership because they do not look at this longer term picture and do not understand compound growth. You have absolute proof attached to this email of how effective compounding can be. I have taken this betting bot’s bank from £677 at the start of the spreadsheet (August 13th) to £860 when I closed it on Saturday evening and this has been done during a period when our main S2 system has had hardly any races to get stuck into.

It is pure growth on the betting bot of 27% over the entire period and this in just 37 betting days. That means averaging 0.73% growth per day during what we will look back and see is the quietest time of the year. How can I say this with confidence? Because we can look back (as you all can by going to ) at the number of selections produced through the rating system that fuels Master Plan over the last 3 or more years.

£1   10 day trial  available here

Bank £381.42

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