Update on Master Plan

It was a no bet day yesterday for Master Plan due to the quality of the racing and they never use the bots on Sundays so tomorrow will be the next update. Just wanted to clarify that the trial actually costs £1 and runs for 10 days – think this is quite fair because from experience the bots can take a day or so to get set up so at least this way you do get at least a full weeks trial.

Being a fan of compounding I quite liked this spreadsheet on the Master Plan site. Shows the potential strength of the system if left alone to do its job.  Been disappointed that in the 2 years i’ve been running the site i’ve not found a succesful system and ‘bot’ combination – early days but hopefully this will be the system that we can keep long term to just switch and work for us. We’ll see anyway.

Free trial available here

Bank £381.42

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