Update on Forex4Free

Mentioned this scheme back in May and got a bit of abuse from some people claiming it was ‘obviously’ a scam etc. so i just wanted to give an update. Basically everything has happend as promised so far – money paid into my account every 10 days or so since i joined in May.

If you look at the previous post about this it explains more about it – although they’re not using Liberty Reserve anymore and the levels required before trading on our behalf starts will be much lower so it should start quicker.

Do i think it will happen? – dont know but i’d rather be involved than not as its all free and costs no time.
Is it a scam? – not sure what the scam would be as it doesnt cost anything. If money is requested at any stage i’m gone.
Does it make sense? well the forum is full of information and there are some explanations on there as to why large investors would benefit from controlling a large number of smallers accounts.

Anyway just wanted to mention it again as whilst doing the blog i have tried to find stuff which basically is financially beneficial without being either too risky or requiring too much input & i think this falls into both those categories.

If you want to have a look yourself you can use my referral link here or if you’d prefer just go straight to the site here www.forex4free.biz

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