Betting Pro Trades clarification

Just as a bit of a follow up to the update on Betting Pro Trades yesterday. Stuart the operator of the system contacted me to point out that his results were considerably better than mine due to the fact that he traded ‘in play’. Just thought it might put this service in perspective

“I noticed on your blog you said in the last week you have lost over £200??

Below are results since last Monday to yesterday and the loss is £27.25 and thats using the exact odds I give in the email.

I know you have told users it is a set and forget service and while you can run it this way in order to make good profits you would have be trading out at the best possible price.

I am receiving numerous emails to display results without a stop loss, which I am not prepared to do as the stop loss can be valuable which is why it is included.

While I tend to not use the stop loss on all trades, I trade out usually at much better odds so while losses are bigger, profits from winning trades are also much greater.”

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