Small gain for Black Dog Forex

Didnt trade on Wednesday so just got Thursday and Friday to review. Thursday was a difficult day with just 3 trades 2 of which were losers for a loss of 17 pips on the day. Bit better yesterday with 2 winning trades and a loser.

Decided to avoid trades where there have already been 3 ‘waves’ in the trend ie where the price is rising before dropping a little, then rising again before dropping a little. I think beyond 3 the trend will start to run out of steam and make the potential trade more risky.

Went onto the Black Dog forums for the first time in months yesterday and came across a thread detailing the results using an additional indicator to the BD template. Seems to have been very successful and it makes entry points extremely clear.

For those of you with Black Dog already the therad it under ‘MTF3 Aims Corner for Everyone’. For those of you who dont own the Black Dog System yet i’d say this indicator makes it even easier to recognise potential trades and gives definite entry and exit points. Will be looking at how this performs over the next few weeks.

Example chart below;

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3203 pips

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