Perfect day for Betting Pro Trades – 4 out of 4

4 out of 4 wins yesterday with Betting Pro trades & in 3 out of the 4 matches we had already secured a guaranteed profit with plenty of time left. I have to say its a good feeling watching a sporting event you’ve got a bit of money riding on when it doesnt matter which way the result goes. Very enjoyable.

I’ve attached Stuarts summary email about yesterdays betting which again makes interesting reading. Ultimately 2 of the lays ended up not winning but it didnt matter to us at the way we’d placed the bets meant that the profit was already secured.

Bank £1865.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Yesterday was a great lesson in why we trade.

Man United 3-1 up going into injury time and the somehow manage to draw 3-3 and Federer with two match points against Djokovic and he manages to lose the match. In both cases we had traded out and secured a profit whereas the original lay would have lost.

In the rugby New Zealand fought back and won by a single point so those of us not using the stop loss would have had a perfect day, officially goes down as a loss but I did warn of the big price movements in Rugby that a single try will make.

Also in the Burnley game it was very possible to make the whole £50 if trading live as after the first goal the over 1.5 market rose up to around 12.0. I stayed in and was going to trade out at the 7.2 mark but a second goal had been scored by that time so no need.

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