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Received this email today about Grey Horse Bot – apparently offering a backing service which has performed well so far. Grey Horse Bot is the best bet placing bot on the market so combined with a successful laying service which is automatically loaded into the bot it definitely worth a look. Quite a bit of sales pitch in here but they’re a very genuine, professional company so this will be interesting to watch.

Hi there.

I just got some news from Malcolm over at Grey Horse Bot
about a new back system he has been showing his Blog readers
called Terbium.

It appears this system has been producing profits not only from
backing the selections but it is also producing profits as a
place system.

The naps over the last 12 days (he started these first) have
produced 10 pts back profit and 4pts place profit. Where as using
all the selections (only introduced on the 28/08/2010) is showing
16pts combined profit.

You know as well as I do that making money backing is quite
difficult, so it is refreshing to see selections that are working
so well.

Unfortunately it appears that I am a little late getting hold of
this information because Malcolm has decided to only allow Grey
Horse Bot Subscribers see the selections from tomorrow.
Click here for more info

After giving Malcolm a lot of grief he has decided to allow a few
outsiders to see the selections before the start of racing for
the next 10 days.

All you have to do is let him no you are interested by
downloading the results over here.

So I wouldn’t waste anytime because Malcolm only wants to keep
this page open for a couple of days.

Your name

P.S. It’s not very often selections like these come along so
please don’t waste any time finding out more…

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