3 more winners for Betting Pro Trades

I’ve had a few people contact me querying the results i’ve had with Betting Pro Trades as the results havent matched theirs. First thing to point out is that i’ve not been using the stop loss which the operator Stuart leaves as a personal choice. Another issue i’ve noticed is that the ‘back’ part of the 2 bets you place (which will initially be unmatched) has been disappearing. This has worked in my favour so far but a friend of mine who uses Betfair a lot has told me its because you get the option when you place the ‘unmatched’ bet to ‘keep’ the unmatched bet when the match starts. I’ve been placing my bets via an iPhone and you dont get that level of options as far as i can tell.

Anyway onto last night and 3 winners as follows;

England v Bulgaria lay over 3.5 goals (back bet kicked in @ 2-0 even though they went onto score 4)
Lithuania vs Scotland lay Lithuania
Sweden vs Hungary lay under 1.5 goals

Bank £1889.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

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