July & Augusts System Review

Been a good couple of months for all the services & systems I’ve been looking out – particularly for Betting Pro Trades which I started following with a live account 3 weeks ago and which has now increased by 80%.

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These are the systems/services which have performed well during July & August

Black Dog


Black Dog has continued to perform consistently over the last 2 months with July producing 263 pips and the notoriously difficult month of August producing 210 pips. Its been a full 12 months now since I started using the Black Dog system and in that time its produced well over 3500 pips.  I changed my approach slightly in October last year and since then its produced 2873 pips. Its never had a losing month and in fact the longest losing run in days is 3.

My approach with Black Dog is low risk (1 : 1 ratio) and the potential for compounding the stakes because of this means that you can quickly build your stakes.

For more information on Black Dog click this link.



Betting Pros

I’ve attached the email sent out by Betting Pros regarding the service for the next 12 months. No hesitation in recommending this service as I have used it personally for the last 7 months with great success. Please click here for full results history


There will be no more selections until September now which is a new subscription period.

While I have received many re subscription payments already this is really a final notice that if you want the new season selections starting from September 1st for the price of £39.99 you will need to subscribe before the end of the month.

My service is profitable and very low cost but for the new season the price from September 1st 2010 will be £45.99 simply because of the amount of admin and effort I put into making this a success.

For last season with a £1000 starting bank we made £2279 clear profit, averaging 189 points profit per month and never once of the 12 month period finishing with a loss.

I am not going to fill you guys with sales talk as I feel my service and dedication to customer service holds me in good stead, I appreciate those who have put their trust in me over the last year and hope to continue this for many years to come.

If you wish to resubscribe for the 2010-2011 season please do so below.

If you have already subscribed please ignore this email.

Click here to subscribe

As always any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Stuart @ Betting Pros


Betting Pro Trades

This has been far & away one of the best new services I’ve come across in the last few months. In 3 weeks the bank has grown over 80% with next to no effort. You basically get the email, place the trades and have the option of leaving them (like me) or watching the games live and ‘trading out’ to maximise profit. The trades are placed in such a way that a certain amount of ‘trading out’ is built into them but the point is you could monitor the games live for even more profit.


Starting bank of £1000 now standing at £1812.75 – the nice thing about the service as well is that the trades are relatively low liability so a loser isnt going to put too much of a dent in the bank. Highly recommended

Full details here


Grey Horse Bot

This is the market leading ‘betting bot’ software which will automatically place bets for you whilst you’re out at work etc. and can be used in conjunction with systems such as Betfair Pirate (see below).

You can either manually select horses/greyhounds for it to bet on or you can input certain criteria for the bot to look out for and bet once it finds them. Also can be set to monitor for ‘drifters’ and ‘steamers’ in the market.  More info re signing up for the Grey Horse Bot here.

Winning Dow Signals


Good solid couple of months for the WDS service overall – the 9pm Dow Signal made around £259 @ the recommended stakes (this can obviously be compounded month on month) but it was very quiet on the Sunday Gap trades with not a single one.

Their intra day forex alerts are now showing as being 1900 pips up – they’re also in the early stages if trialling larger profit target tips.  Not 100% sure you always get advised about the losing trades by email whereas you do get every winning trade instantly confirmed. This is not a massive problem as they are still very profitable but just an observation.

Betfair Pirate


As soon as I mentioned this system in the last email it apparently had a bit of a nightmare run with one subscriber losing a fair percentage of his bank. It then went on an incredible run of 45 consecutive winning lays.  Had losers since but the subscriber who kindly kept me informed of his daily results is still ahead with it overall.



Again it continues to be a roller coaster ride with the 1minutedaily EA – it reached a high of $18,000+ a week or so ago but has since dropped to just in excess of $14,000. My approach is 90% EA and 10% me closing the trades when they get close to the ‘take profit’ level.  Seems to have worked well for me with the demo bank with the bank increasing by 300% since April.

Still highly recommend it as a long term profitable ‘hands off’ system though from what I’ve seen from back-testing this system, my experience in actually trading it myself and the experiences of a 1minutedaily long term trader, together with the fact that it costs about £56 with a cast iron refund guarantee.  Highly recommend this system. Click here for more information

Other stuff


Technical problems meant I was kindly offered a free 2 week trial of the VPS with WDFX which has now finished.  This worked v.smoothly and I made a small profit (not enough to cover the subscription though).  Full details of the service are here http://www.wdfx.co.uk/index-2.html . As pointed out previously it isnt the cheapest service available @ £125 per month but hopefully the performance will start to pick up after the August lull. Don’t think it’s a service for those of us with a £500 or £1000 account who are looking to slowly grow the bank because your risk % to cover the monthly fees would be too great.

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