Great run continues with Betting Pro Trades

Betting Pro Trades continues with its impressive run with another £250 added to the bank with just the 2 losers.
Bank £1589.75 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

West Brom vs Sunderland lay under 2.5 goals Lost -£47
BBurn v Bham Lay BBurn Won +£47
Marseille v Lorient Lay Marseille Loss -£32
MBoro v Sunderland Lay over 2.5 goals Won +£47
Man Utd vs Fulham Lay Draw Won (traded out) +£47
Lay under 1.5 goals Won +£47
Man City v Lpool Lay Lpool Won £94
Samp v Bremen Lay under 2.5 goals Won +£47

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