WDFX ‘Managed EA’

This is something new to me and the info was passed on by Mark Marshall who advised me about the fully managed account with RWGFX.

Basically you purchase the EA on a monthly basis at around £125 per month including vat & this will trade your account whilst it is also managed by the guys who run WDFX. The idea is that you get the benefits of an EA on your account with full money management etc together with the experience of the traders who intervene when necessary.

I’ve gone for it and have a fully funded FX Pro account ready for the EA to trade it.  It does seem expensive but the video here & the results make me feel that it could be value for money.   The main points are listed below – i dont have an affiliation to this company at all, i just think they are an extremely knowledgeable and professional company and should give the opportunity to grow smallish size bank pretty quickly.

·         William Deboeck (the guy who runs the service) is a trader with about 10 years experience.

·         William runs a successful trading room where people pay about $150 per month to trade along with him.

·         We pay the same $150 per month to get his trades on our accounts.

·         Thanks to the trade copier, we have full control over our accounts, including adjusting risk, lot size etc.

·         William trades about a dozen currencies and takes about a dozen trades a month with a R/R of 1:1.

·         He averages about 800 pips a month.

·         Subscription is month to month and can be canceled at any time.

·         Results Y-T-D are posted at the site: http://wdfx.co.uk/index-2.html

·         Account size to pay the fee plus make a decent profit is about $2k.

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