New Service – Smart Forex Signals

Just come across a new service Smart Forex Signals on Facebook of all places. Dont know anything about it apart from whats on the website but at $9.95 a month its cheap enough for me to do my own research for a couple of months.

To be honest with you it seems be an ‘If Carlsberg did Forex Signals’ service. Its v.low cost @ $9.95 a month, results seem to be fantasically good, the signals are longish term ‘swing signals’ so theres no really time issues with getting them as the entry price seems to be a reasonable distance from the current price. The trades are also updated regularly so you can follow the service providers movements. Only seem to have been recording results since March & as they seem almost too good to be true cue me joining to send the service into a 3 month losing run.

Theres also an option to get an app for your iphone for £1.19 which allows you to receive trade updates directly to it. When you think that Trade Spread Bets was looking for about £100 per month for their service without any definite entry points that i could make out, this seems a good deal. We’ll see.

 Smart Forex Signals 

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