Systems & Service Review For May

Another month gone by but not too many changes in the services/systems i’ve been using. Black Dog and 1minutedaily have continued to perform impressively and the relative newcomer 1minutedaily looks like a ‘keeper’ for the ongoing portfolio. Betting Pros has been quiet but thats to be expected with the football season now finished although a recent email suggests there may be some action over the next month or so with the start of the World Cup.

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AJ Tips

After a poor run the operator of this service decided to throw the towel in and thats it for that one.

Regular Forex Profits

After recording good profits for the 6 months prior to me starting the review this service has had 3 consecutive losing months with losses of 740 points. It is also down for this month so far and I think its about time to bring this review to a close. Honest enough service & we may have just been unlucky with the timing of the review.

These are the systems/services which have performed well during the trial plus an update on Black Dog Forex which I’ve been using since August.


This system continues to perform well. Last week I was away & left the EA running on the demo account, came home on Friday and the account was up $2910 & up to $10,710 from the original $5000 in just less than 8 weeks.


Not 100% sure i’ve got the EA settings correct so i’m going to keep watching the trades this week to make sure the entry/exits are accurately kicking in but right or wrong i’m not going to complain about the bank more than doubling in less than 2 months with something that requires no input or chart time.


So from what I’ve seen from back-testing this system, my experience in actually trading it myself and the experiences of a 1minutedaily long term trader, together with the fact that it costs about £56 with a cast iron refund guarantee I can highly recommend this system. Click here for more information

Black Dog


Black Dog has continued to perform as it has since I started using the sytem last August and made around 1968 pips with another 342 pips in the last 4 weeks. 

Trading this is basically what I do everyday and everything else I use is just in addition to it. The actual system itself hasn’t since then but my trading rules have and if anyones interested what I’ve recently settled on they’re listed here. (any queries just email me here).

In addition to the outstanding customer service, a system that works and a forum with well over a 1000 members listing details of their own trades etc the cost includes a trading room with members who use the system for a  full time income flagging up potential trades  for others.

The cost has now increased to a more realistic $297 but if you use this link I can arrange a $50 rebate.


Betting Pros

Not a great deal of progress this month with Betting Pros but i’m now 889  points up since starting at the end of January. As previously mentioned quiet last few week with season finishing but expecting a lot of action in the World Cup & soon after that the season will start again.

Just to confirm as well they have now added a free SMS text service to advise you immediately of the bets. The service has been now been reduced to just  £25 until end of August which will cover the end of the season, the World Cup and the start of next season. Cant recommend this service highly enough – more info here.



Grey Horse Bot

The guys behind GHB have started including a couple of laying services they are trialling at the moment. Apparently they’re doing very well & as this is the market leading ‘betting bot’ software which will automatically place bets for you whilst you’re out at work etc. it seems like a good deal.

You can either manually select horses/greyhounds for it to bet on or you can input certain criteria for the bot to look out for and bet once it finds them. Also can be set to monitor for ‘drifters’ and ‘steamers’ in the market.  More info re signing up for the Grey Horse Bot here.

Winning Dow Signals

Bit of a mixed bag from WDS over the last month – they recently had a really poor run on the set & forget forex signals but the 9pm Dow Signals made over £400 last month from the recommended stakes which are on average about £1.50 per point.

Their intra day forex alerts are showing as being 1000 pips up but i’m not sure how much you’d have to take off that figure for the length of time it takes you to get on a trade the operators of the service are already in.


Only been 1 set of Sunday night gap trades since the last review which gained around 30 pips – been a couple of Bank Holidays in that period so there may be more regular trades from now on.

Other stuff

Managed Forex Account


I’m also looking at a ‘managed forex account’ which someone has recommended to me. Apparently its a guy who’s traded professionally for 15 years making the trades & he takes 25% of the profits each month. The minimum starting capital is $500. You set your own account up with a broker and have total control over the deposit and withdrawl side of the account. You can access your account every day to check on its progress.

Target is 20% per month and the average has been 23% this year. I’ll give it a go and keep you informed.


The ‘balance’ in my Forex4free account is now @ $73.15 & I’m on target for the $500 by the beginning of December. For those of you who don’t know this is a scheme which involves no investment from us but promises a regular payout once your balance reaches a set threshold.  All seems too good to be true but as long as all I’m losing is an email address and a bit of time I’m going along with it. More info here if you’re interested.

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