Update on Grey Horse Bot

Not had an update on Grey Horse Bot for quite a while which i was reminded of by an email from Malcolm, GHB’s creator today. As you probably all know this software is probably the market leader when it comes to ‘betting bot’ software. it basically lets you download selections to it which will be placed while you’re at work or out or whatever.

The bot now comes with a free lay service which has apparently been doing very well & they’re adding another system for members next week. The first month costs £14.99 & you can download it here – part of Malcolms email is reproduced below.

I know our experiences havent been great to say the least with horse racing/sports betting tipsters but this software is rock solid and the system seems to be a slow grower.  May be a low maintenance grower.

I know many users are trying out my “crazy place system”
(which is available to members in the bonus area) and have had
some good results.

As I have mentioned on my blog I am now using it with the main
markets as well and have changed the odds range from 1.02 –
3.00 to 1.40 to 3.00. It’s working great at the moment and I
have heard from quite a few readers who have told me they are
using extra filters to improve the strike rate.

The main reason for this email is to inform you that next week I
am going to add another lay test system into the members
area(again see today’s Blog
http://www.horseracingsystemsuk.com/newblog/) .

It is a system I have been working on with someone else for
quite a while and the approach is very interesting even though a
little bizarre but I can not really tell you much about that at
the moment.

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