Update on 1minutedaily

There was a double loss for the gbp/usd on the 21st for -260 pips followed by winners of 123 & 109 pips respectively leaving the total 38 pips down since the last update but still leaving the gbp/usd 84 pips up for May.

The usd/jpy suffered 2 double losses totalling 245 pips followed by a winner for 50 pips to leave it still 171 pips up for May and 478 pips up overall.

Between the 2 currencies we’ve made 964 pips since we started in the 2nd week of April

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April +402 (please see previous posts for details)
May +84

Total +486


April +307 pips (please see previous posts for details)
May +171

Total +478

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