Summary of Wednesdays trading with Trade Spread Bets.

Apologies i’m not able to give this service a live review – all i’m able to do is post the daily emails i’ve received from the operators this week. I’ll post todays email tomorrow and i think that will be the end of the trial. Seems to make a lot of pips from the results talked about in the daily email.

The Trend trades yesterday totalled 237 pips profit.

The EUR/USD failed to retrace so no trade.

The GBP/USD opened at 1.4387 and closed at 1.4430 after hitting its Target.

The USD/CHF opened at 1.1587 and closed at 1.1521 after hitting its Target and let run on.

The USD/CAD opened at 1.0706 and closed at 1.0650 after hitting its Target.

The USD/JPY opened at 90.35 and closed at 90.45.

The EUR/JPY opened at 110.88 and closed at 111.26.

TREND trades: all pairs have hit their respective entry points.

EUR/USD go Short at entry point 1.2330 with a Target of 1.2260.

GBP/USD go Short at entry point 1.4500 with a Target of 1.4440.

USD/CHF go Long at entry point 1.1520 with a Target of 1.1600.

USD/CAD go Long at entry point 1.0550 with a Target of 1.0620.

USD/JPY go Short at entry point 90.35 with a Target of 89.80.

EUR/JPY go Short at entry point 111.35 with a Target of 110.50.

HEDGE trade:

The EUR/CHF looks like staying in a decent range of movement for resuming of trading.

FTSE 100 trade:

The Long trade opened at 5032 and reached a maximum of 5044 giving a maximum profit of 12 points.

Today’s trade:

Open a Long trade with a Limit Order at 5053.

Open a Short trade with a Limit Order at 5013.

Link both trades with an OCO order.

Stop for both trades at 20 points.

CAC/DAX trades:

The earliest that a Long trade on the CAC could be opened was around 3394, and a Short trade opened at around 5730.

Unfortunately the CAC started a gallop upwards and although it reached its Limit Profit Order, part of the profit had been eroded. Arrangements will have to be made to avoid this situuation for the future.

The DAX hit its Stop.

The net profit only amounted to £9.84.

Today’s trades:

Enter now Long with CAC at 3448. Stake £1.85. Stop 3438. Limit Profit Order 3468.

Enter now Short with DAX at 5824. Stake £1.09. Stop 5841. Limit Profit Order 5789.

Please read these couple of points that will be helpful,

The entry point price has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual trades.

Don’t open a trade on the hour candle between 0800 and 0900 – this is an

absolute no no.

The very first candle which can be traded upon is the one which opens at 0900,

and of course this candle must have opened above the entry point price for a

Long trade and below the entry point price for a Short price.

The term LONG means BUY or GOING UP – SHORT means SELL or GOING DOWN



Trade Spread Bets

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