Trade Spread Bets – example email.

 Below is an example of the email you receive daily from Trade Spread Bets -
pretty extensive stuff. I have to be honest i wont be able to give this a full review
as i thought this was just a simple signal service. as i'll be trading other stuff i'll
only really be able to put up the daily email as confirmation of the trades.


Last Friday the Trend trades produced a total of 223 pips profit.The
total for the week was 963 pips.The total for the month amounted to
4205 pips.
The FTSE 100 trades produced a maximum of 663 points profit, provided
you closed out at the point of the index starting to retrace, so
effectively the profit would have been a lesser figure.
The EUR/USD failed to retrace so no trade.
The GBP/USD opened at 1.4418 and closed at 1.4461.
The USD/CHF failed to open a correct direction retracement candle, so
no trade.
The USD/CAD opened at 1.0661 and closed at 1.0720.
The USD/JPY opened at 90.01 and closed at 89.38 after hitting its
Target and let run on.
The EUR/JPY opened at 112.39 and closed at 111.81 after hitting its
Target and let run on.

TREND trades:  all pairs have hit their respective entry points.
EUR/USD  go Long at entry point 1.2500 with a Target of 1.2600.
GBP/USD  go Short at entry point 1.4510 with a Target of 1.4460.
USD/CHF  go Short at entry point 1.1540 with a Target of 1.1485.
USD/CAD  go Long at entry point 1.0550 with a Target of 1.0620.
USD/JPY  go Short at entry point 90.40 with a Target of 89.60.
EUR/JPY  go Short at entry point 113.15 with a Target of 112.40.

HEDGE trade:
The EUR/CHF after a brief rise it appears to be dropping down into its
regular consolidation band.

FTSE 100 trades:
Last Friday the Long trade opened at 5056 and rose to 5091 to give a
maximum of 35 points profit.Had you set your Limit Profit Order to 35
points @ £1 per point, a profit of £35 would have been made.Rather
than hope that the Limit Profit Order would be hit, I opted for a 10
point profit at £5 per point.    This was easily reached and provided
a £50 profit.
Today's trades:
Open a Long trade with a Limit Profit Order at 5097.
Open a Short trade with a Limit Profit Order at  5057.
Link both trades with an OCO Order.
Stop for both trades at 20 points.

CAC & DAX trades:
Last Friday the CAC entered a Long trade at 3419 at 0915 at £3.25 per
point, and the DAX opened at the same time with a Short trade at 5827
at £1.91 per point.
The CAC trade hit its Limit Profit Order at 3439, and gave a profit of
£65, and the DAX hit its Stop at 5844 giving a loss of £32.47.
The net profit amounted to £32.53.
For some unknown reason the trade entry points have to be taken at
0912, entered into the 4 spreadsheets which give the Stop, Limit
Profit Order point, and the respective stakes for both trades, all of
which have to be entered as trades at 0915.
This would mean a second signal email being sent out at 0915, so I am
going to paper trade further for a few days using the trade entry time
of say 0830 in order to see if I would be able to send all the signals
at about 0830.

Finally, many members have asked if they could trade alongside me when
I place my own trades.I cannot do this for the Trend trades as I
cannot always rely up being in front of the computer, hence having to
rely up my two Spanish trading colleagues.
I personally often trade the GBP/USD being a volatile pair for most of
the time, quite successfully without wishing to be immodest, and I am
now thinking of using the live trading room for this purpose. You will
recall I tried trading the mini$5 index some time ago through the
trading room, but the volatility proved far too much so that by the
time I had sent the trade it was about time to close it.
Fortunately the GBP/USD is not nearly in the same volatility league.
The only problem I have is the times of the day to run the trading
room.     Normally the GBP/USD starts to gallop from about 0630 prior
to the London opening for about 3 hours or so.Then there is another
slightly quieter gallop at around 1330 at the US opening for about
another 3 hours.Finally there can be some good movement during the

Please read these couple of points that will be helpful,
The entry point price has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual trades.
Don't open a trade on the hour candle between 0800 and 0900 - this is an
absolute no no.
The very first candle which can be traded upon is the one which opens at 0900,
and of course this candle must have opened above the entry point price for a
Long trade and below the entry point price for a Short price.

The term LONG means BUY or GOING UP - SHORT means SELL or GOING DOWN

Trade Spread Bets
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