New EA for 1minutedaily makes it fully automated

Received an email yesterday from the guys behind 1minutedaily to confirm that the EA which makes the system fully auotmated has been made available. This is great news as if it successfully replicates the manual trading, as its supposed to do, it should give us a passive income on auto pilot once we’ve got the settings sorted. It comes with full instructions as to what the optimum settings are and it looks like there are only 1 or 2 adjustments required.

As well as the addition of the ‘double breakout’ option which is a crucial part of the strategy there is a commentary box in the top which confirms the range you’ve got set up on the chart so makes it easy to check you’ve got it right plus it also confirms the high & low of the range so you can quickly set up your trades. It also advises you of the status of the currency pair ie ‘range complete, waiting for breakout’ or for the USD/JPY at the moment it says ‘inside the range – range started 0.00 (11pm chart time) range ends 12pm (11am chart time)’. Very impressed so far.

For more info please click here

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