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Just wanted to share something with you that one of the blog subscribers brought to my attention. Its something i’ve not come across before but apparently this scheme was run successfully in 2009.

Forex4free is a concept which is based on large investors placing $500 into an account for you. This amount is then traded on your behalf until it reaches $1500 – at this point it becomes yours to withdraw or you can place it into a brokerage account of their choosing where the $1500 is then traded until it reaches $7500. at this point any profit made over and above the $7500 is paid to you on a monthly basis. A figure of $3500 monthly is quoted on the site which will obviously be dependent on the markets but I assume they know what level of trading they will be carrying out with $7500 accounts.

Took me some time to get my head round this because I couldnt understand why they would be giving money away to small investors but apparently it does make sense from a tax loophole point of view. In any case this is totally risk free – no investment required on our part whatsover, no time input to place any trades so it does seem to be a great oppurtunity to try something which if it comes off great and if it doesnt we havent lost anything.

As I say they did run a scheme last year and this & it was apparently a massive success. The site has been totally revamped & the level if the initial gift increased from $200 to $500. There does seem to be a great deal of interest in it & the site currently shows 2200 people ‘viewing’ and ‘400’ memebers online. If you recruit people it will mean that you reach the $1500 level quicker but its not essential – you will get there in about 200 days anyway apparently.

My link to join the scheme is here and as soon as you join you’ll get your own link with which you can recruit people to your downline if you want to. Any queries let me know and i’ll be happy to try to answer them. The site can occasionally default to German depending where you’re navigating to but its straightforward enough to choose the English version. The faq’s are quite hard work as it looks like they’ve but translated using an online translator.

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