20 pips gain with 1minutedaily

Interesting day yesterday with the USD/JPY – the trade from the 13th came within 4 pips of its target before reversing to hit the stop. This begs the question what would you do if it was your own money and not a demo account. The EA has a trailing stop facility which you can set to kick in once the price has gone x amount of pips in your favour so with the average range of the USD/JPY being 40-50 pips you could set it to kick in at 25 pips or so in profit.

Anyway i’m putting the trade down as a loss of 60 pips for the sake of accuracy – yesterdays trade was a winner for 80 pips.

Aldo happy report that the EA kicked in perfectly for the GBP/USD trade so fingers crossed its sorted for both of the pairs now – just looking forward to the fully automated version promised in a couple weeks.

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April +402 (please see previous posts for details)
May +22

Total +422


April +307 pips (please see previous posts for details)
May +200

Total +507

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