Winner for 1minutedaily plus correction to yesterdays result

Correction to yesterdays trade – the reverse trade for the GBP/USD was triggered after the original buy trade hit the stop loss. This has now hit the profit target.

Todays sell trade of the GBP/USD has also just hit the profit target for a gain of around 100 pips. Glad to report that the EA for the USD/JPY is working perfectly – unfortunately cant say the same with the GBP/USD so obviously i must be doing something wrong with the settings.

900 pips up with this system in 6 weeks plus the full EA release within the next 2 weeks is making me feel quite good about 1minutedaily.

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April +402 (please see previous posts for details)
May +22

Total +422


April +307 pips (please see previous posts for details)
May +180

Total +487

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