60 pips for Black Dog Forex Trading

Wednesday was a great trending day for the markets & perfect if you were trading the ‘hi/lo’ strategy with Black Dog – trade after winning trade with that method. Really good day for me though with 5 trades – 1 loser & 4 winners for a 60 pip gain on the day.

Didnt trade yesterday & wont be trading today or tomorrow due to the election and NFP.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

EUR/JPY chart

Weds 4/5
gbp/usd 11.00 -20
eur/jpy 09.15 +20
aud/usd 17.15+20
usd/cad 10.45 +20
nzd/usd 17.45 +20

Running total +1731 pips

Black Dog Forex Trading Review

Black Dog Forex Trading Review

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