Winner for USD/JPY with 1minutedaily

Another winner for USD/JPY with a trade from the 28th open but incomplete. I’m currently just using this system ‘out of the box’ as it were and leaving the trades to run – to be honest this is going a lot better than i expected even if it is only 3 weeks into the trial. May just be going through an especially good patch but you cant argue with results like 11 winners out of 12 trades for the USD/JPY with one more or less breakeven – lets hope it continues.

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9th +30
12th -120
13th +36
14th +75
15th +55
16th +135
19th -180
20th +35
21st -80
22nd +75
23rd -4
27th +105
28th +75
29th +95

Total +332


9th +34 pips
12th no trade
13th no trade
14th -3
15th +55
16th +50
19th +55
20th +45
21st -90
22nd +55
23rd +30
26th +40
27th +35
28th ongoing
29th +30

Total +336

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