41 pips so far this week with Black Dog Forex

Relatively quiet week with no trading for me at all yesterday, 7 trades on Wednesday & just 3 on Tuesday. Seeing a lot of ‘hi/lo’ trades not quite hit the 15 ema line & then go onto make good gains so i’m to have a look at this to see if there may be a way to include these kind of movements as trades as long as the got to x number of pips away from the line.

Tuesday came in with +10 pips up as follows;
AUD/USD 7.30 +20
NZ/USD 16.00
EUR/JPY 17.00 B/E

Wednesday was busier with 31 pips gained;
NZD/USD 10.15 -20
USD/CAD 10.45 -16
13.15 +20
16.15 -13
AUD/USD 14.45 +20
17.30 +20
EUR/USD 15.15 +20

Running total +1574 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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