2 Winning Trades on USD/JPY for 1minutedaily

Good day for this system yesterday as the running trade from the 15th completed for a 55pip gain and yesterdays trade just about got over the line for a 50 pip gain. Thanks to Chris for correcting me about the usd/jpy trade on the 14th – the original buy trade did lose 50 pips but the sell trade was triggered as well which reached its profit target & meant it was a small loss on the trade.

Very promising start for our review of the system but it is line with results we’ve back-tested so not wholly surprising.

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anyway here are the results so far;
9th +30
12th -120
13th +36
14th +75
15th +55
16th currently in trade

Total +76

9th +34 pips
12th no trade
13th no trade
14th -3
15th +55
16th +50
Total +136

Forex trading system review

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