Psychic Racing Profits Launches Today

Just wanted to let you all know if you were interested that the Psychic Racing Profits service has launched today. Usual stuff re limiting it to 200 places etc (although i believe they actually did with the previously launched Psychic Soccer Profits).

Few people have queried the potential of the service as the Soccer Profits service has not had a good start which is fair comment but i think the difference is that prior to launch the soccer service did struggle with various technical issues and poor selections whereas if you’ve had the free trial Racing Profits them you’ve seen the results for yourself.

The system itself is £37 plus you can pay a monthly fee to have the selections emailed to you if you want them to do the work for you. No mention of a bot though which may be a blessing in disguise re the liquidity problems i was talking about yesterday.

Click here for a video with more information.

Check out the previous results etc at this page

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