1minutedaily review update

Quick update on 1minutedaily. First of all thanks to everyone who queried the results i’d recorded on the gbp/usd – i should have clarified that i had set the consolidation period to end @ 7am & not 9am. On doing a bit more research i’ve decided to stick with the 9am ending so thats what i’ll be using to record the results now.

Have had some great feedback from people who have bought the system and done some back-testing on different pairs (especially the eur/usd) and from a guy who has apparently been using the system for over 12 months with the GBP/USD & EUR/JPY with ‘fantastic results’. More pleasing was that this was using the system ‘as is’ out of the box with some minor common sense tweaks when it comes to profit-taking.

Really encouraging signs with this system so far and i’m usually a bit nervous about recommending stuff 100% so soon after looking at it but due to the back-testing & feedback i can honestly say that if you’re interested in a simple, zero maintenance system that i’ve seen has been profitable over 2 yrs+ then this is for you.

For more info please click here

anyway here are the results so far;
9th +30
12th -120
13th +36
14th +75
15th +55

Total +76

9th +34 pips
12th no trade
13th no trade
14th -50
15th no trade yet

Total -16

Forex trading system review

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