New System To Review – 1minutedaily

The experiences with Dow Trader and Gold Lay have made me cautious about recommending new products as i know people did buy them and in some cases lost a fair bit of money which i am sorry about.

I’ve still been looking around though and particularly wanted to find a genuine ‘set and leave’ system which can be operated before work. I came across reviews of 1minutedaily here and, whilst, ‘independent’ reviews can always be doctored by the vendors they did seem to have a genuine feel.

The 1minutedaily website is probably one of the worst i’ve seen with a real 90’s feel to it and talk of ‘trading from my yacht in the British Virgin Islands’ etc. Anyway, ignoring this, I bought it last week still half-expecting to put a reminder in my phone to get the refund within the 60 days but have to say i’m really impressed.

Without giving too much away the basic premise is that currencies have a consolidation period overnight after which there will be a breakout. This is nothing new but the results, especially with the usd/jpy, are outstanding.

There are a few reasons apart from the results why i like;
Simple to set up – 2 indicators in MT4
Simple to understand – honestly, it is.
Sold by Clickbank so you can get a refund anyway.
Back-testing is easy – you can verify the results instantly because the indicators populate historically on the charts.
Quick to place trades – initially might actually take you 2 minutes but i would imagine it will be ‘1 minute’ before long.
Its based on a fundamentally sound strategy.

For these reasons plus the fact that you can instantly verify the claimed results i’m definitely recommending 1minutedaily now.  Click here for more info.

Incidentally Thursday & Friday were both winning days on the usd/jpy & gbp/usd.

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