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Just wanted to make some general observations re WDS as a few viewers of the blog have queried why the service is so low profile given its consistent performance pretty much since i started recording the results back in October 2008 (only just recently started recording them again.)

I think the main reason is the most obvious one – they dont have an affiliate scheme. This means that so-called ‘reviewers’ of Forex systems/services have no interest in them because they cant make any money out of them via sales.  The benefit for us is that if we can find an independent review of them then we can be pretty sure its honest.  The other reason, i think, is that they actually trade their signals unlike a lot of other service/system sellers, so they dont rely as heavily on sales for their income.

WDS has something for everyone whatever time of the day you can trade – Sunday night, intra day trading, intra day alerts, 9pm signals etc etc so the service can be great value. So, yes, i do recommend them – just a shame i dont get anything out of it!

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