Black Dog Forex Trading review

Had major laptop issues monday, tuesday this week which made it impossible to trade. it was taking 2/3 minutes to respond to every key stroke & the charts were constantly locking. i’d avoided installing the latest windows updates for about 18 months out of laziness and had 62 to install which took about 8 hours. that didnt sort it nor did defrag, clean up, create more disk space etc etc until my 3rd piece on anti spyware seems to have done the trick & its blazing fast again now.

so after that intensely boring anecdote how did trading go yesterday? as you probably know if you follow the currency charts we had some nice trends on nearly all the pairs which is ideal for Black Dog (although to be honest i dont know of any systems which work well in ranging markets). I’ve put my new rules for BD up on the site but they’re here as well

the first rule for me is the 1hr MACD has to be the right colour for buy/sell and the lines have to be in the right order to confirm the trend. only then can i look at possible entries.

my entries now are basically going to be made off the 15 ema – if the price has gone through it & bounced off or gone through it & is now reversing to come back through (as long as MACD still right obviously) its a trade.

Close of trigger candle has to be maximum 15 pips from ema including the ‘3 pips past high/low point’ of previous candle. ie if the wick of the previous candle was 11 pips from 15 ema i will enter when the price has confirmed the move by moving past the level which is 14 pips away.

Once the profit has gone to +10 move to b/e and @ +15 move to +10. 20 pip profit target and 20 pip hard stop. dont trade 1/2 hr either side of major news announcements.

Made 80 pips overall, broken down as follows;

aud/usd 9.30 +20 pips
2.45 +20 pips
4.45 b/e

gbp/usd 7.15 -20
10.00 +20
11.30 +20

nzd/usd 11.15 -10

usd/cad 2.30 +20

Running total +1381 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System



Black Dog Forex trading review

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