Psychic Soccer Profits update

I’ve been watching the development of this service over the last month as they’ve emailed results out & also updates on the development of the ‘bot’ they have been developing to lay teams ‘in play’ in football matches. The results including the ‘trading out’ feature (closes the bet down @ 85 mins if the score is in our favour) have apparently been around 80% strike rate.

The bot has been made available today for the first time and has been restricted to 200 places (or Monday 22nd March whichever comes sooner) due to them wanting to safeguard the liquidity of the markets (that does sound like the usual marketing spiel but it also makes sense so its probably true).

I’ve just bought it having received the marketing email and i do like about 2 things about it. The first is that it is, again, totally hands free (laziness is definitely a factor for me when it comes to reviewing stuff) & the pricing structure is basically pay as you go after your £20 per month for the bot.

There are a couple of videos available on the link below & the guys do sound genuine which i know is an overused phrase so we’ll just have to see how this works out. I’ll be reviewing this for at least the 3 months i’ve comitted to so we’ll see where it goes.

Click here to see the short video

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