Black Dog Forex Update

Left trading Black Dog alone for a couple of weeks whilst i’ve been trying to decide the ideal set of rules to trade it. Still trying to come up with them to be honest but i did trade today and had a good day with 57 pips profit made.

eur/usd 11.45am +20 pips (there was another potential trade @ same time with aud/usd which lost about -8 pips but luckily went with this pair as better looking trend)

nzd/usd – 13.45pm -3 pips

eur/jpy – 13.00pm +20 pips

aud/usd – 14.30pm +20pips

Running total +1240 pips

Common characteristic of these trades (apart from the usual criteria) was that the MACDs lines were in the right order confirming strength of the trend.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System




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