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Just wanted to post this update from Aidan @ Gold Lay. Have a good feeling about this service & i’m confident it will be profitable long term, mainly because of Aidans long term philosophy and honest approach to what he can provide us with.

I have another 12 days of my free trial to go but at this point theres no doubt i will be allocating some money to run an account with him. Apart from it appearing to be a very successful service its the total lack of input required from the subscriber which is also appealing.

Currently offering a 14 day trial
with more details here

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to bring you a personal update about the GoldLay system. I have to re-iterate that this is a long term horse racing system. You will not win everyday or even every month, but over the long term you will. It is a tried and tested method.

I am having my system tested by several review based websites over the internet, you can google GoldLay and you can see which review sites are testing out the system.

Today was a great day and days like this do occur. Losing days are also very common and you will notice that on average it is normal to get 3-4 losing months in a year. If you do want to add this system into your betting portfolio, you will have to have faith in the system and its results. The system makes on average 40% per year and has done so over the last 2 years.

When you have a losing day, do not lose faith. You cannot assess the system in just 1 day, and I never lose sleep over it. I know good days will come like today and will erase all the bad days. Over the long term the GoldLay system will prevail. If you do not want to continue, I recommend at least following the results on one of the review websites.

A couple of the websites carrying out reviews at the moment are:

1. http://logolab.co.uk/category/gold-lay/

Our current trial is up 3.24 points in 2 weeks, which is around 20% increase)

2. http://www.onlineracingreview.com/gold-lay-5.html

Our current trial was up 5.21 on the 10th March. It should say profit as of yesterday as 6.49 points which is around 39% increase.

Best Regards

Aidan Collins
Gold Lay

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