Update from Gold Lay

Just thought i’d post an email received from Aidan, the guy who runs Gold Lay. Think it sums up what the system is about a lot better than i could. More details here

Dear Paul,

The system is doing very well and at present we are now up 35.32 points for 2010 (in 65 days). We are currently averaging just over 16 points profit per month which is well above the standard 8 points per month that we aim for.

It is important to remember that this is a long term system and I make no claims to you making money everyday or every month. The system wins and loses all the time, BUT overall you will make a minimum of 100 points every single year. The system is tried and tested and you need to let the autobot keep betting for you. I am very honest about the expectation of this system, and if you are looking for a system that makes money everyday of every month, then this system is not for you. If you want a system that makes you money over a year with a very low risk, GoldLay is for you.

Please remember this is a long term system and you cannot assess a system in just a few days. We have already made a great start to 2010 and I am confident that we will exceed our minimum target of 100 points a year.

Best Regards,

Aidan Collins
Gold Lay

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