Busy day with Black Dog – 63 pips made

There were no major news announcements today so it was basically a full days trading and i made 11 trades in total – 6 winners & 5 losers. For today I’ll just list the times & the type of trade signal given by the Black Dog software and tomorrow with a bit more time hopefully i’ll include a couple of charts.

made 63 pips altogether today but even with the alarms i’ve got set up which mean i can walk away for 10 minutes at a time still found it hard to trade for the full session. think you do need to get away for an hour or 2 even if it means missing a couple of trades.

7.45am ses & mtf3 +20 pips
16.15pm ses & mtf3 +20 pips
17.30 hi/lo +20 pips

9.00 hi/lo +20 pips
17.45 ses -10 pips

8.15 hi/lo -14 pips

11.00 hi/lo -7 pips
12.00 hi/lo -6 pips
14.45 ses +20 pips

9.45 ses -20 pips
10.30 mtf3 +20 pips

Running total +1183 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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