New Service – Regular Forex Profits

It may appear i’m trying out random new services every day but i’m still trying to build up a portfolio of complementary services that a. i can either use at different times of the day or ideally work on autopilot & b. cover different markets/industries.

Black Dog Forex is what i use to trade during the day, i’m hoping that Gold Lay can cover the ‘auto pilot’ laying the horses, Betting Pros can cover the football betting and Winning Dow Signals seems to be the one for the evening Dow trading (plus its Sunday night trades have just made another 60 pips) although we’ll see Dow Trader through to the end of the 4 weeks trial. That still leaves a gap for a ‘set & forget’ signal service with Forex Trades Live unfortunately going sideways for the last 3/4 months.

Regular Forex Profits is a signal service which appears to be similar to Forex Trades Live in that signals are send by text each morning. They only trade the GBP/USD and target 10-20 pips per day. They have, however, set themselves a pretty ambitious target of reaching £1,000,000 from a starting bank of £5,000 within 2 years from now by compounding their gains.

The service seems straightforward enough with the entry level, stop & limit targets outlined in the text and the text is sent between 7am & 10am each day so everythings over pretty early. I’ll report exactly what happens over the next 4 weeks from tomorrow & you can get more info here.

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