New Trial – Gold Lay

Apparently the people making the most money on Betfair are the layers so with that in mind we’re going to trial this service for a month. Aidan, the guy who runs it, approached me with a view to review the selections for a month with a dummy account. This basically means that he has set an account up for me with a virtual £1000 bank which will receive the selections 45 secs before the race & the software will place the bets just as it does on the live account.

Aidan was quite insistent that i trial the service for a full month before using any of my own money or subscribing myself which is a nice change. He’s also offering a 14 day free trial to new subscribers.

Think the best way to do this is just attach a screen shot of my own ‘Results’ page each evening to show exactly how its going and its all fully transparent. Been running it for the last few days & the screen shot is below.

More details here

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