16 pip loss for Black Dog Forex 22.02.10

Wanted to tighten up my trading with Black Dog before i started with the other currency pairs i’m going to use so i’ve been doing some back-testing with the slightly revised rules. Its nothing major really, just dropping one of the MACD histograms which i wasnt using to make any decisions anyway and only entering when the lines on the other MACD are in the right order.I’ll also be trading the ‘hi/lo’s’ as long as they fit all the existing criteria & i’ll put the revised rules i’ll be using up on here asap.

This should reduce the number of trade per pair but as i’ll now be looking at 5/6 pairs i’ll hopefully be getting more trades, with more factors stacked in my favour. If you want a copy of the excel sheet when i’ve done the back-testing let me know & i’ll email it over – my email is paul15563@hotmail.com

Anyway onto today & not a great start with a 16 pip loss – would have been better but i stayed out of the markets @ high impact news time and missed out on a couple of nice trades. Rules are rules though & for the time being i’ll continue to stay out –   edit   ignore that nonsense – seems like i was looking at the 1st feb calendar all day- very professional! there we’rent any announcements today so a losing day should have been a winning day for all you competent traders out there.

Running total +1027 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

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