Losing trade for Dow Trader

Losing trade on Wednesday for Dow Trader for a 35 pip loss. Thursday night was a no trade after a big drop on the Dow @ 9.30pm when the market re-opened. I’m a bit confused by this because the instructions are to place your trade @ EITHER just before the Dow closes @ 9.13/9.14pm OR @ 9.30pm when the Dow re-opens after the 15 mins break.

Now following those instructions why would you have not placed the trade? John the author seems to sometimes suggest you wait for the price to move in your favour which it was doing in spades but i suppose in fairness it didnt start going the other way so it possibly could be seen as not confirming the buy trade. Anyway i’ll see if i can get clarification of this from John.

Dow Trader +5 pips

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