Loser for Dow Trader

Losing trade today for Dow Trader. The positive thing was that the result was up on the site almost straightaway – obviously better to have winning trades but nice to see the author acknowledging a loser quickly.

I talked the other day about the 5 min strategy using the same Dow Trader template, well i think it may be a bit too hectic to run alongside anything else because it produced 28 signals between 7am & 4pm. the Dow was ranging quite a bit which was causing the direction change signals so its not always like that but i dont think i could run that & Black Dog.

The author also sells an Oil Trading system which i dont have but results, again, look impressive. Interestingly, though, just out of curiousity i applied the Dow Trader template & signal indicator to the March Crude Future chart and back-tested it. Using a 50 pip profit target with 25 pip stop (plus some other entry rules & trade management) it made 440 pips in december, 75 in january and 365 so far in february. That was only trading from 7am – 1pm as well.

His Oil Trading system must have some different settings because he’s got 750, 493 & 220 pips recorded for the same period.  Still its a nice little ‘free’ bonus if you dont want to buy the Oil System to be able to use something that potentially looks profitable. Over a longer time frame as well.

Dow Trader +15 pips

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