New Sytem – Dow Trader

Interesting new system recommended to me by a blog subscriber @ Dow Trader. Dow Trader is a system which you operate between 9pm & 9.30pm when the Dow closes. It is a really simple ‘set & forget’ system which seems very easy to use in that you make a decision on wether to place a trade on not in the 15 mins between 9.15 & 9.30 when the Dow stops trading. The trade is then placed at the opening of the 9.30 candle.

As you can see the chart has just the 1 indicator which confirms wether there is a trade or not and which direction the trade is in. The results look v.good but back-testing is a little bit awkward due to the fact that its recommended that you move your stop losses before high impact new items.

I’ll start testing it from Monday bit in the meantime the results and more info are Click Here!

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